Web based life Marketing: Can You Trademark a Hashtag?

Connection between Social Media and a Hashtag

The word or expression Hashtag is gone before by a hash sign (#) profoundly utilized via web-based networking media sites and applications to distinguish messages on a particular point. For the most part it is utilized for web based life Marketing reason. The initiator has acquainted hashtag with the expectation with amplify the compass of the subject to the individuals and it is additionally a typical stage for a point. It has an ability to get a handle on the consideration of an enormous number of group of spectators because of which it prompts an age called #tag. Internet based life is rising as a key web based advertising channel for the brand proprietors for more than 10 years utilizing #hashtag. Presently, the most dominant weapon in the realm of online networking is obviously #hashtag. This article will assist you with knowing when and how might you experience the procedure of Trademark enlistment regardless of whether it comes to Trademark a Hashtag.

Would you be able to Trademark a Hashtag under Indian Trademark Act 1999?

Obviously, you can Trademark a hashtag simply like other word or expression which is legitimately associated with your item or administrations. There is a particular definition given under segment 2 (m) of the Indian Trademark Act, 1999 and as per this "A Mark that comprises of a gadget, brand, heading, name, ticket, name, signature, word, letter, numeral, state of products, bundling or even a mix of hues thereof". By considering the above definition a Hashtag can qualify as an imprint that is countable under a mix of words and numeral however to enroll it as a Trademark, the definition gave under the Indian Trademark Act,1999 area 2 (ZB)-

"Trademark alludes to the imprint which is being proficient to be spoken to graphically and recognizing the products or administrations of one individual from those of others either incorporates the state of merchandise or their bundling and blend of hues"

According to the above definition, the principal condition is in a flash satisfied in light of the fact that hashtag is a blend of words and numerals which can be spoken to graphically. The inquiry emerges in the second condition which is an extreme test for a Hashtag to qualify as a Trademark. In spite of the fact that, it isn't that simple to accomplish the fundamental or essentially, the subsequent condition. The Hashtags have a constrained timeframe of realistic usability due to the points which tend for a concise period before they pass on their own demise in a limited ability to focus time and some other theme and hashtag dominates.

The Trademark is a source identifier and the Hashtag that can satisfy these criteria can meet all requirements for enrollment according to the Act.

What are the explanations behind Refusal?

Under segment 9 of the Indian Trademark Act 1999, the genuine purposes behind the refusals are given under sub-segment (1) of area 9. It expresses that-

"A Trademark which is without any particular character that is to state, not equipped for recognizing merchandise or administrations of One individual from those of another, will not be enlisted."

In the event that we break down this segment, we can say that the Hashtag which can completely fulfill both the states of the Indian Trademark Act 1999 must be able to be secured under the Law. The particular nature which is referenced under the Act might be ordered into two classes:

(1) Inherent

(2) Acquired

Hashtag may effortlessly fall under the over two classes as it very well may be a developed word and it tends to be something which tends for a more drawn out timeframe with the goal that the individuals can begin recognizing the specific source through #Hashtag as it were. Additionally, one thing ought to likewise be remembered while applying for Trademark Hashtag, the word which is to be utilized with a Hashtag ought not be a typical or conventional word else it won't make it unmistakable. The Trademark must breeze through the assessment of peculiarity of Trademark gave under the Act.


In any case, these advanced apparatuses become a typical element of the scene. The sharing society wherein they typically depend can exhibit some licensed innovation related difficulties. Aside from it, the Trademark enlistment of Hashtags are as yet not extremely prominent in India but rather the attachment to Social Media is coming to a mass level because of the accessibility of modest information with the presentation of Reliance Jio in the market. All of a sudden, the web is overflowed past everybody's creative mind. This will most likely prompt the development of Hashtags as Trademarks in the up and coming future as a hotly debated issue in the IP advertise.


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